Keck Neuroscience Program

W.M. Keck Science Department

Thomas Borowski, PhD, Program Coordinator

Neuroscience Fellowships & Opportunities

Research and related opportunities are available to all neuroscience students at the Claremont Colleges.

Claremont Colleges' Intercollegiate Neuroscience Summer Research Fellowships

Application deadline: February 19, 2016
Acceptance notifications: March 9, 2016

Application Process

  1. Application Deadline. Friday, February 19, 2016 in RM 104, Broad Hall, Pitzer College.
  2. Application Form. Complete the Application Form. Be sure to sign and date the form. Applicants who are selecting sites from the Placement Sites List complete Section B; applicants who have procured or plan to procure their own research placement complete Section C. Sections A and D are to be completed by all applicants. Submit three copies of the application.
  3. Transcripts. Provide three copies of your academic transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
  4. CV/Resume. Provide three copies of a current CV or resume highlighting any previous research experience, technical expertise or volunteer experience in neuroscience, general biology/medicine or the equivalent. Any techniques-based lab course that you have taken at the Claremont Colleges or elsewhere should be listed here as well. Students that do not have experience in the above should indicate previous part-time or full-time employment.
  5. Statement of Research Interests/Goals. Three copies of a letter that outlines your research interests and goals. This should be written in the form of a cover letter and should include each of the following: research interests, career goals, what you hope to learn from your summer research experience. The research interest letter should be a single spaced, typed document (using 12 point font) and should not exceed one page (750 words).
  6. Letters of Recommendation. Two letters of recommendation from a faculty member or other person familiar with the applicant’s work. A recommendation checklist should be submitted along with the recommendation letter. Print out and give the form to your two selected referees. The names and emails of your references must be indicated on the application form.

Additional Opportunities