Associate Editor of the following journals

Auditory Perception & Cognition, the Journal of the Auditory Perception and Cognition Society

"Auditory Perception & Cognition seeks to bring together outstanding examples of auditory science across disciplines within one publication. It is unique in its consideration of work with either a basic or applied research focus that can target any level of processing (i.e., low-level perceptual to high-level cognitive), theoretical perspective (e.g., constructivist v. ecological) and methodology (e.g. neurophysiological v. behavioral / psychophysical; quantitative v. observational).” — from the journal website

Musicae Scientiae, the Journal of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music

"MUSICÆ SCIENTIÆ ... publishes peer-reviewed empirical, theoretical and critical articles directed at increasing the understanding of how music is perceived, represented and generated. To that end, all empirical work, including replication studies and meta-analyses, within the music-related domains of empirical musicology, psychology, sociology, cognitive science, music education, artificial intelligence, and music theory will be considered for publication.” — from the journal website

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