Current projects

Communicating art examines interdisciplinary scholarship concerning art, music, literature, and film as a microcosm of theory-building across the humanities, behavioral sciences, and natural sciences (e.g., Justus, forthcoming).

Musical form and meaning concerns the extramusical associations, including semantic and emotional connotations, expressed or evoked by different aspects of musical form (e.g., Justus, Gabriel, & Pfaff, 2018).

Cross-cultural music cognition compares the implicit knowledge of musical modes and meters among musicians and non-musicians living in the United States and Turkey (e.g., Yates et al., 2017; Justus et al., 2019).

Additional areas of expertise and interest

Music cognition, especially the aesthetics of musical harmony and associated expectations (e.g., Justus & Bharucha, 2001)

Auditory perception, especially local-global attention to frequency and time (e.g., Justus & List, 2005)

Psycholinguistics, especially single- and dual-system models of inflectional morphology (e.g., Justus et al., 2008)

Neurolinguistics, aphasia, and amusia, especially theories of Broca’s area / inferior frontal gyrus function (e.g., Justus et al., 2011)

Cognitive neuropsychology, especially the role of the cerebellum in cognition and language (e.g., Justus, 2004)

The evolutionary-cultural emergence of language, music, and art (e.g., Justus & Hutsler, 2005)

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