MATH 102

      Dave Bachman
Office:              Avery 220
Office hours:   M 1-2, W 1-2, F 10-11
Office phone:  (909) 607-7961
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               Differential Equations (4th edition), by Blanchard, Devaney, and Hall. Published by Brooks/Cole.

Homework: Daily homework will be done on-line at Your login information should be the same as for the Portal, Sakai, etc. Unless otherwise noted, problems will be due at 5pm on the following class day.

Attendance: Although no official role will be taken you will need to be in lecture to follow the class, and take the exams.

Exams: In addition to the final exam (Thursday, 5/11, 9am-12) there will be two in-class mid-term exams, scheduled for February 24th and March 27th.

Grades: Exams will be individually curved, if appropriate. Class grades will be computed by giving the following weights: 23% Midterm 1, 23% Midterm 2, 23% Homework, 31% Final.

    Chapter 1.  First order equations
    Chapter 2.  First order Systems
    Chapter 3.  Linear Systems
    Chapter 5.  Non-linear systems