Instructor:       Dave Bachman 

Office:              Avery 220

Office hours:   Mon 2:30-3:30, Tues 11-12, Wed 2:30-3:30

Office phone:  (909) 607-7961 


Web:       (this page) 

Goal: The primary goal of this class is for you to be able to describe any given shape by a mathematical formula or algorithm.  


    Graphs of functions (1 variable)

    Parametric Curves


    3D Curves

    Graphs of functions (2 variables)

    Surfaces of Revolution

    Parametric Surfaces from Cylindrical coordinates

    Parametric Surfaces from Spherical coordinates

    Solids from surfaces

    Parametric tubes  
    Blending between curves
    Chains and Panels


Projects: This is a project-based class. Each day you will be given pictures or verbal descriptions of shapes. You are finished when you reproduce these with some computer graphing program, to the satisfaction of your instructor. Unless otherwise noted, problems are always due by the following class day.

Software: We will be doing all problems with SageMath. Instructions for the use of this will be given in class. There is a lightweight web-based version of SageMath called SageMathCell, but it does not allow you to save your work. You can create SageMath documents online and save projects using CoCalc (highly recomended). 


Hardware: You are required to bring some device capable of running SageMath, SageMathCell, or CoCalc. A laptop is ideal. Graphing calculators will not be sufficient. A smartphone may work using SageMathCell or CoCalc, but it will be hard to see more intricate projects on a small screen. A tablet should be fine (especially with an external keyboard to make typing easier). If you do not own any such device, please come talk to me.

3D Printing: You may be interested in 3D printing your final project. More information about how to do this will be given in class. If enough students do this, we can have an art show at the end of the semester to showcase your work.

Exams/Grades: There will be no exams. Your grade will be based solely on your performance on projects.