Selected Essays of Halford H. Fairchild, Ph.D.

All essays linked herein are copyright by Halford H. Fairchild, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.  All rights reserved.  For permission to publish or reprint, send an e-mail:  click here!


Father is a verb (1997, unpublished).

The Psychological Costs of Gang Violence (March, 1998, Psych Discourse)

World War III (on the 1999 Kosovo conflict, April, 1999, Psych Discourse)

Frantz Fanon's Wretched of the Earth

Placing Blacks at the Center of Psychology

Effort, Achievement and Reflections:  Challenges to the Black Graduating Class, May 2000

The Problem of the 21st Century.

Self Suffering (published, 2000, in Psych Discourse; this link is to a site at "The Black World Today"

Continuing Struggles in Black Studies (with Dipa Basu, Psych Discourse, September, 2000)

How Africa Developed the World (with Dipa Basu, Psych Discourse, October, 2000)

Modern-Day Racism Hides its Ugly Face (Los Angeles Times, September, 11, 2000)

SAT's "Halo Effect" Casts a Long Shadow (Los Angeles Times, February 19, 2001)

Audio Clip on "The Nword."  PBS radio, 2002.

A Wake Up Call for Peace (Psych Discourse, October 2001).  Provides an analysis of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001

Academic Manuscripts

School Size, Per Pupil Expenditures, and Academic Achievement

Scientific Racism

 A Truly New World Order (Fall, 2000);
Free at last (Fall, 2000)
The Real Deal: Reflections on Twilight LA by Anna Deavere Smith (Fall 2002)


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