Hal Fairchild's Favorite Links
Links in Black Studies and/or Ethnic Studies
http://tbwt.org/ The black world today.  Has news, commentaries and views with an international audience.
http://www.africana.com/ This is the home page of Encyclopedia Africana.  Although the E.A. has been subject to a great deal of much deserved criticism, the page offers a great deal of information that is interest to people doing research or activism in Black or Africana Studies.  It's a bit commercial, so expect to see some ads.  The site also offers free e-mail.
http://www.usc.edu/isd/archives/ethnicstudies/index.html A site at the University of Southern California that is rich in resources for those interested in any aspect of ethnic studies.  I found them because they had one of my books listed.  So, buy my book!
http://www.amvideos.com/index.html A place to buy African American videos.
http://www.abpsi.org The Association of Black Psychologists
http://www.duboislc.org/BlackPerspective/BlackPerspectiveContents.html History from a Black Perspective
Photo Essay (2005) of Racial Disparities
http://botw.org/top/Society/Ethnicity/African/ Best of the web - African. Great for doing research on ethnicity.
http://www.abolishthenword.com/homepage.htm Abolish The Nword - Please support them!
http://www.usa-people-search.com/content-an-african-american-resource-guide.aspx African American Resource
Hal's Psychology Links
http://www.apa.org The American Psychological Assocation (APA)
http://www.abpsi.org The Association of Black Psychologists
http://www.apa.org/pi/oema The Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs, APA
http://www.west.asu.edu/aapa Asian American Psychological Association
http://www.spssi.org/ Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
Information re: online schools in psychology. (You may have to copy the link to your browser.)
http://www.accreditedonlinecolleges.org/ Accredited online Colleges
Hal's "Just for Fun" Links
Best Pornography Sites on the Internet Feeling Depraved?  Click the link. These links are great for straight, gay, bi, you name it, it's there.  And best of all:  they are all free!  Not for the prudish or morally pure.
http://www.bluemountain.com Send free electronic greeting cards.  Great fun!
Chess Links are on my chess page:  Click! Pitzer in the News:  Pirating Videos (12-2-02)

Poker Resourceshttp://www.pokerlistings.com/

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