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Flora Sanborn Pitzer Professor of Mathematics, Pitzer College, Claremont, California 91711-6101, U. S. A.

Office phone: (909) 607-3160.  FAX: (909) 621-8481.

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Courses for Fall, 2004

  • Math 1 Syllabus Fall 2004
  • Math 23 Syllabus Fall 2004

  • Past Courses

  • Math 1: Mathematics, Philosophy, and the 'Real World'
  • Mathematics 10: Mathematics in Many Cultures
  • Math 108: History of Mathematics
  • Math 20: Elementary Functions
  • Math 23: Transcendental Functions
  • Mathematics 30: Calculus in Context I
  • Math 30: Calculus I
  • Freshman Seminar: Science, Society, and Us
  • Freshman Seminar: The Jewish Experience in America
  • History 81: History of Science, 1543-1800
  • History 82

  • Pitzer Curriculum in my fields:

  • Mathematics Curriculum at Pitzer College
  • Claremont Colleges' Science, Technology, and Society Curriculum

  • Links to Home Pages in Claremont in my fields:

  • Mathematics Field Group at Pitzer
  • Intercollegiate Science, Technology, and Society Program

  • Links to materials on the World Wide Web in various fields:

  • History and Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Mathematics
  • Virtual Library in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
  • The History of Science Society
  • Resources on the History of Women in Science
  • Probability and Statistics Education
  • U. S. Census (statistical data about United States)
  • Scotland and its History
  • Jews and Judaism and Israel

  •  AAUP 1940 Statement on Academic Freedom

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