Snapshots From My Mathematical Career

Student Science Training Program, San Diego State, Summer, 1971

This was a summer math program for HS students. My first exposure to real mathematical thinking and what made me want to become a mathematician.
I'm in 3rd row up, 9th from left! Professor Deaton is in second row, far right. He taught us Euclidean geometry using Hilbert's Axioms, and did it
Texas Style, a la R.L. Moore.

Southern California Topology Colloquium, Pomona College, April 21, 2018

1st Row: J. Scott Carter, Cornelia Van Cott, Sam Nelson, Matt Rathbun, Jozef Przytycki, Yi Ni, Terry Fuller, Ron Stern, Bob Brown
Stairs: Dan Gottlieb, Jim Hoste, Daryl Cooper, Dave Bachman, Stephen Bigelow, Danny Ruberman, Blake Mellor, Patrick Shanahan, Aaron Bagheri, Mark Huber, Ryan Blair

Three Mathematical Generations

Bob Brown, Ron Stern, Jim Hoste. Pitzer College, April 21, 2018

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