Media Studies 100: Fall 2019
Asian Americans in Media



In a 3-5 pages, typed and double-spaced paper, discuss and compare at least two of the films you saw in this class thus far. Please focus on analysis rather than reportage, and support your first-hand observations with additional research in historical and theoretical areas. The readings are a good place to start, and you are encouraged to also look at secondary sources. Ideas from your written responses and class discussions can also be incorporated into your paper.

For the first paper, please discuss the representation of Asians in early Hollywood (1910-1960). Consider the images of Asian/Orientals in the films you have seen in class, and write a comparative analysis of how they concur with or disrupt stereotypes of Asians in American mass media. In your discussion, keep in mind issues such as the conditions under which these films are produced, the intention of the filmmakers, the performance of the actors, political and historical contexts, and the popular culture of the time. Given the length of the paper, it maybe a good idea to focus your discussion on a particular aspect of representation that interests you, such as gender, sexuality, class, nationality, etc.

Your grade will be based on your understanding of both the form, content, and contexts of these films, your ability to support your arguments and observations with research in historical facts and theoretical discussions, as well as your writing and analytical skills. When formulating your argument, your written responses may provide good starting points. You are, of course, encouraged to incorporate your own opinions into the discussion. Explain how your views correspond to and differ from the ideas expressed in films and in the class readings.

Please turn the paper in on time, and please follow the format I outlined: papers that are too long or too short, late papers, hand-written papers, etc. will lower your grade. Please turn in your paper via email as an MS Word attachment (with ".doc" or ".docx" suffix) by 5PM on the due date.

Include a bibliography (required) and footnotes (if appropriate) as well as a filmography (required) for the films you cited in your paper.

Be specific: cite reading sources, use footnotes, and use actual scenes and other direct references from the films to support your argument.

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