Media Studies 100: Asian Americans in Media







Final Paper - There are several options for this assignment, the topic and format to be determined by the student with the instructor's approval. (see follwing section for format options) Generally speaking, final papers are 8-10 page research papers, typed and double-spaced, must include footnotes, a bibliography and filmography. Additional research is required.

Final Paper Options:

A research paper based on an in-depth analysis of one or more films seen in class. You may re-write one of your short papers as your final paper. It must be expanded significantly from the first version, and must fulfill the requirements of the final paper (e.g. additional research). A separate grade will be given for the final paper.
An research paper based on an in-depth analysis of one or more films seen outside of class.
An research paper based on an in-depth analysis of one or more films seen in and outside of class. (i.e. you can write about a combination of films seen in class and ones that you find in your research)
A media (film, video, or web) project that engages extensively with the material covered in class.
An expanded reflection and analysis of the Film Festival class project. To qualify for this option, your final paper must include additional research in relevant areas (e.g. the history of Asian American film festivals, the different philosophies of film festival programming, etc.) which can be related to your own experience organizing the Film Festival for our class. This option can be done in a series of blog posts (see below).
Blog - entries other than the three required posts, with the culmulative length of 2,000-2,500 words (or the equivlant in multi-media content) can be an acceptable format for your final project. Please note that if you choose to use your blog posts as your final project, the posts must demonstrate a coherent topic or theme, for example, as a series of discussions or case studies that build up to a specific argument or area of investigation. A collection of random, un-related posts is not acceptable as a final project. If you are not sure, come discuss this option with me.

Students must submit an abstract by Week 10 for approval of paper topic, and may continue to meet with instructor to discuss ideas and progress on the paper.

All parts of this assignment will be considered in the grading of the final version of your paper!

Abstract: 1-2 pages, typed document outlining the subject of your paper. Outline your interest in the subject, your research direction and critical approaches, etc., include a preliminary bibliography and film/videography.

Draft: draft of your paper, as close to the final version as you can manage. (the better your feedback will be!) Include not-yet-written sections in outline format.

Peer Review: a 1-2 page response and critique of the draft you read. The goal of this assignment is for you to give your classmates constructive criticism—suggestions that will help them finalize their papers in the best possible version.

Final Deadline: the finalized version of your paper is due during Finals Week.


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