2003 Time Zones
An experimental documentary that records events happening on the same hour across different time zones.

2001 LA00
An experimental feature narrative in which the stories of four characters—Agent, Sniper, Chaka, Monty, intersect across different periods of Los Angeles’ history while traversing different sections of its urban landscape.

2000 PAN (video installation)
Self-Portrait X 3 (installation)

1999 A documentary about transnational adoption, where the correlation between U.S. and Chinese adoption policies created a unique situation under which a generation of Chinese girls are currently growing up within non-Chinese lesbian or gay households in the United States.

1998 A documentary about the life and work of Frank Eng, film and cultural critic who wrote for the LA Daily News during the 1940s. Intimately connected to the intertwining film, art, cultural, and political activist circles of 1930s and ‘40s Los Angeles, Eng was briefly a lover of Lester Horton, pioneer of West Coast modern dance. He later managed Horton’s dance company and became the executor of his estate after Horton’s death.