Comparative Political Philosophy: PP464

Introduction to Politics: Political Studies 10A

Nature, Movement and Meditation in Qi Gong: IIS 38/Asian Studies 38

Introduction to Political Studies: PS 10

Introduction to Political Philosophy: PS 50

History of Political Philosophy: Ancients: PS 150

History of Political Philosophy: Moderns: PS 151

Contemporary Political Philosophy: PS 462

Feminist Theory and Epistemology: PS 455, AWS 301

Major Works in Political Philosophy: PP 450

Contemporary Figures in Political Philosophy: Hannah Arendt and Ortega Y. Gasset: PP454


Science, Politics, and Alternative Medicine: IIS 113/ STS 113/ PS 190

The Year 2012: Utopia or Oblivion?: PS 162


Field Groups and Majors Available to Students:

Political Studies

Gender and Feminist Studies

International/ Intercultural Studies

Human Biology with emphasis in Cross Cultural Health and Healing

M.A. and Ph.D. Program in Political Philosophy, CGU