Joe Parker (the person on the far left)
Office: Broad Center 213

Professor in the International and Intercultural Studies Field Group; at Pitzer College, one of the Claremont Colleges;  near Los Angeles, California, USA.  I also teach undergraduate courses in Gender and Feminist Studies and the Five College Women's Studies Program, Media Studies, Asian Studies, and Environmental Analysis, and I work with graduate students from Claremont Graduate University in cultural studies, women’s studies, and religion.  My research areas are social movements; decolonization; postcolonial feminist theory; indigenous epistemes and the politics of knowledge; horizontal community autonomy; and poststructural political theory; and research methods.  My teaching areas are Postcolonial Studies; Feminism; Methodology; and Buddhist Studies. (Please see the list of recent courses taught.)

I also work as an activist intellectual through my blog on democracy in its multiple forms, titled “Democracy2Come,” and by giving workshops on decentralized community organizing, most recently in Dublin, Ireland and Lucerne, Switzerland.

In an attempt to find ways to be accountable to the Indigenous communities of the Los Angeles area, I also provide support to the Tongva tribe and other Southern California Native Nations through harvesting native plants when needed, providing labor tfor their projects, and in other ways. For discussion of the pitfalls of this work, what some call “Ally” work, please see the pamphlet I co-authored for the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples (found on my website publications page)