My primary research focus is on perception and cognition in human infants. The majority of my research is conducted at the Claremont Infant Study Center (AKA BabyLab), which is located on the Pitzer College campus in Broad Hall. Current research in the BabyLab is exploring the development of mental rotation in human infants, evaluation of infant attention using EEG, and categorization of infant-directed speech. The BabyLab is a great place for students majoring in psychology to obtain hands-on lab experience. If you’re a sophomore, junior, or senior undergraduate student majoring in psychology with an interest in working with infants and small children, please contact us via email to see if there are any Research Assistant positions currently available. Please also visit the Claremont Infant Study Center website to learn more about our current studies.

  • David Moore: Director, Claremont Infant Study Center,
  • Dawn Moore: Lab Manager, Claremont Infant Study Center,
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