The New African Movement

New Africanism: The Construction of African Modernity

South African Photography in the Litrerary Era of the Sophiatown Renaissance.

Edwin Denby: A Great Lyrical Dance Critic

Antonio Gramsci: An Interrogative Philosopher .


The Black Tradition In American Dance

Xhosa Poets and Poetry

Language as a Cultural Issue in Africa Today

Charles Burnett: A Major American Filmmaker

Edwin Denby Looks At George Balanchine and Martha Gaham

In Memoriam: Cheik Anta Diop

The Structure of the Dance Criticism of Edwin Denby

Frantz Fanon: Psychiatrist and Revolutionary Thinker

Frantz Fanon: Our Contemporary Zeitgeist

Haile Gerima: An African Film Master.

Review of South Africa 's Alternative Press: Voices of Protest and Resistance, 1880s-1960s .

The Incomparable Postmodernist Dancing Feet of Michael Jackson.

The Question of Ezekiel Mphahlele: A Book Review.

Philosophical Debates in Postmodernism.

New Directions in South African Studies: A Review

Issues in the South African Cinema.

South African Photography in the Literrary Era of the Sophiatown Renaissance.

The Civilizing Process in Sport.

The Transmigration of Dance Forms.